The Royal Gardens (Un-Built)

The Royal Gardens

Year: 2005

Design Proposal


THE CONCEPT The Bahrain Royal Resort and Residential Development at Sakhir is conceived as a unique royal tropical garden resort in a desert environment. The Concept is a re-creation of the lost civilization of Dilmun, which was often referred to as Bahrain fabled Garden of Eden and described as “paradise” in the Epic of Gilgamesh. The tropical forest setting is incorporated into the garden concept to reflect upon its lush landscaping and greenery that will bring both the guests and residents as close to nature and paradise on earth as found in the natural tropical forest. The Site is divided into individual garden precincts connected by a clear network of roads and landmarks. Buildings with courtyard spaces with low and wide roof overhang, covered and open walkways together with roof terraces on heavy stone base structure combines the best of the architectural elements of the tropics and desert building forms. Water bodies in the form of meandering lakes, streams, ponds and fountains are carefully designed at each precinct to give the precinct its own unique garden identity. Water features and landscaping are used extensively to connect the different types of precincts. Lush greenery uses both native desert plants and other suitable vegetation to reflect the dense foliage of the tropics. SUSTAINABLE RESORT DEVELOPMENT The concept implemented in the resort development at Sakhir is a response to create a sustainable resort development in Bahrain. The greening of the desert is an effective way to stop desertification from spreading towards the fertile north part of Bahrain. The introduction of extensive water bodies with water from the sea and the use of native’s plants and hardy tropical plants and trees for landscaping in the resort development is a sustainable step in creating a fertile oasis and garden environment in the one of the dry central part of Bahrain. Proper minimisation and management of waste can be a part of the sustainable resort development. Organic fertilizers based on animal manure from the horses and other animals in the equestrian together with chemical fertilizers, mulch and compost from the organic waste materials can be used to provide the necessary nutrients to improve the soil structure in the greening of the desert.