Institutional Standard

The Pearl @ Fernvale

Year: 2017

Area: 131,527 SQ M


Stage: Expression of Interest

Category: Institutional

The “Forest” (Campus Court) is a nurturing place were knowledge is gained and experimentation is encouraged. It is a place where people gather to exchange ideas, collaborate, and innovate, improving our world and envisioning the world of tomorrow. To fulfil its mission, this campus must be highly porous, offering connections to the adjacent Creative Clusters and SIT campuses. Acting as a gateway between the waterfront and Campus Heart, the “Forest” creates a place that feels like a ‘home away from home’.

The Campus Court’s positioning engages the waterfront marketplace and the Promenade Plaza anchored by the retail and food kiosks at the boardwalk level that transition into the food court and the main campus level. An outdoor amphitheatre oriented towards the Promenade Plaza and sheltered under a canopy provides a place for campus-wide gatherings and ceremonies. At the crest of the academic bar is a coloquium and multi-purpose space with uninterrupted views over the water and along the waterfront.

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