Unbuilt HealthCare

Yishun Polyclinic

Year: 2019

Area: 5,974 SQ M


Stage: Expression of Interest/Design Competition/Un-built/Invitation to Tender

Category: Healthcare

Located on 0.31ha corner plot, our design enhances on the lively vibe of the site, integrating existing site features with new requirements for the community to create a healing environment and experience. Respecting this green site and continuing the park connector network, the main building is lifted off the ground to allow a green landscape for seamless connectivity at level 1. The Urban Community Garden at level 1 is cool and shaded, with a triple volume space that allows for inclusive community activities at all times. Seamless accessibility from Khatib MRT Station and bus services circling Yishun Ring Road, the new polyclinic will facilitate healthcare integration within the precinct. In the evenings, when activities of the clinic cease, the ground floor remains a bright and active community zone.

Our design strategies include:
• A community garden at level 1 – allows for inclusive community engagement; lock down space during a pandemic
• Porosity at ground floor allows a welcoming reprieve for the polyclinic users and the community
• Simplicity in design – modular grid that allows for flexibility in changes; efficient & fast to build
• Open decks at roof levels allows for ease of future proofing
• Green walls & creepers at corridors facing HDB blocks for visual relief
• Passive design strategy with N/S orientation against the sun that allows for natural light & cross ventilation
• Efficient ramp to basement carpark

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