At RDC Architects Pte Ltd, our design philosophy centers on the creation of a total environment satisfying social, economic and aesthetic considerations. Adopting an ‘integrated’ approach in design, RDC believes that the eventual built-form must be an appropriate response to its context. Realising that architecture is a living art and the search for knowledge is a continuing process, great emphasis is placed on research and development. RDC specialises in skills aimed at the wider objective, particularly in the area of design and project management.

To realise the quest for excellence in design, a design studio approach is adopted. Design activities are often intense and often internal competitions are held to draw out the best ideas before final solutions are decided upon. There is a constant update of design methodology, production and management methods, achieved via participation in workshops, seminars and conferences locally, as well as expeditions overseas.

Internally, our dedicated team of architects and technicians are kept abreast with the latest in software and application technologies. RDC is always in the forefront of implementing BIM technology in our projects, which are often subjected to Quality Assurance Procedures to ensure their timely completion, satisfying budget controls, achieving a high quality in construction and value-for-money for our clients. To enable the migration from traditional 2D to BIM, RDC devised guidelines to define & dove-tail project requirements, processes, and protocols with our office workflows for the implementation and utilisation of BIM.

RDC takes pride in being the first architectural firm to be BCA accredited in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and a founding member of Singapore Green Building Council.