SGH Mixed-Use Development
(in collaboration with NBBJ)

Year: 2013

Area: 100,300 SQ M


Stage: Expression of Interest/Design Competition/Un-built/Invitation to Tender

Category: Healthcare

Unique care requires unique architecture. The Singapore General Hospital Mixed-Use Development facilitates ‘getting back to life’ by encouraging patients to engage with the building in ways that exceed a typical rehabilitation facility, thereby inspiring them to heal more actively. Simulating everyday environments and practising daily activities are integral to patient recovery; however, daily activities should be more than practiced – they should be celebrated. The Community Hospital is an inspiring, social, multi-functional environment where patients can connect with each other, family and friends, and staff. This engagement strengthens the desire for recovery, inspires patients to active healing, and eases societal re-entry upon completion of the rehab programme.

In order for this care model to succeed, partnership and coordination between the acute and post-acute facilities is paramount. Accordingly, the Mixed-Use Development facilitates the seamless integration of rehab services into the greater continuum of hospital care. It comprises two integrated towers – one for rehab and palliative care patients, the other for administration and staff – united around a central core, with connections to the rest of the campus via the podium at B1, Storey 01 and Storey 03. This enables collaboration and connectivity throughout the campus for all members of the care team.

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