The Pearl @ Fernvale

Year: 2017

Area: 169,944 SQ M


Stage: Expression of Interest

Category: Residential

The overall concept driving the design proposal is the Pearl. It is derived from the coastal theme as predetermined in the design brief, as well as from the inherent nature of the site whereby the seed for development will wrought an outcome that adds intangible value to the overall environment and well-being of the community. The formative process of the pearl guides the geometry evident in the landscape and standalone structures where the experience of each space and nature is akin to the undulating folds encasing the pearl. Hues expressed in the overall precinct are derived from the seascape and iridescence of the shell encapsulating the pearl.

In order for this care model to succeed, partnership and coordination between the acute and post-acute facilities is paramount. Accordingly, the Mixed-Use Development facilitates the seamless integration of rehab services into the greater continuum of hospital care. It comprises two integrated towers – one for rehab and palliative care patients, the other for administration and staff – united around a central core, with connections to the rest of the campus via the podium at B1, Storey 01 and Storey 03. This enables collaboration and connectivity throughout the campus for all members of the care team.

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